Linda Rose Healer, LLC offers Consulting and Meal Plans designed to unlocking the self healing powers of the body by increasing blood and energy flow to the major internal organs; riding the body of stress and inflammation as well as relieving nerve pressure against the muscles for overall well-being. With years in Nutrition and lifestyle coaching, food and private chef services using eastern Macrobiotic medicine Linda Rose Healer,LLC is a great choice for a healthy diet & specialize cooking.


If you want to feel revitalized and get to the real source of your pain or discomfort; Linda can assist you with Intuitive touch along with nutritional, body and health assessments. Let’s take a deeper look inside your body so you can heal and enjoy it.

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"The best massage I've ever had, Linda reads your body and makes the corrections needed."

E. T.


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My ideal patient is uncomfortable in movement, sitting, standing or bending where, pain management and advanced bodywork based in eastern medicine gets to the core of the problem.

Linda Rose Healer, LLC. 
Grover Beach, CA. USA